About us

Every business founder has their concept for business achievements and bolts in their market strategy as a result of their company philosophy.
“Uncompromising quality” is exactly the company creed of “Askoni”. It takes part in the company activity since the first working day. Asen Krastev – the company manager, has been working for years in the funeral business and acquired a grate professional experience. The progress of the company and the confidence in it are due to the highly qualified staff. The company employs young and motivated workers. Their knowledge and experience are guarantee for the fast and quality services offered to the customers. The success is a result of the whole team efforts for development and improvement by continuous seeking of more effective ways of customer satisfaction as well as the team aim for credible to the company on the base of the quality.

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Address: 9-11 st. Keshan, Stochna Gara, Sofia, Bulgaria

Phone / Fax: +359 (2) 936 60 02
Mobile: +359 888 437 008