If a family needs or wishes a relative to be cremated, our team of professionals is open to assist you in taking important decisions about all the funeral services.

Staring with choosing of a casket, suitable drapery, flowers for the funeral, and organising a catering after the ceremony where the family and friends have the opportunity to meet together and share their individual memories. The same way the casket could represent the person’s life, some other details as a song or a photographic collage, presented on a DVD during the mourning ceremony could revoke important memories.

We also offer a condolence book, which could be kept as a precious remembrance or to be a part from the “small things that matter”.
If you choose to keep or spread the ash, we could help you in your choice by offering u a wide variety of urns – different styles and price ranges, so they meet your needs and values. The choice is very personal and that is the reason we offer many options to be chosen.

The experienced workers of funeral agency Askoni will present all the details of the burial service with compassion, dignity and mercy. Our individual burial services aim to meet the needs and the values of every single family. You can rely on us that we can help when you most need.

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