We are a caring company, based in Sofia Bulgaria, with over 22 years’ experience in the repatriation of loved ones, whether injured or deceased, to their homeland.

Here in Bulgaria, our highly trained staff will deal with all paperwork and official departments on your behalf. These would include judicial and municipal institutions within our own country, as well as consular agencies and embassies globally.

Our service is caring , confidential and complete. We operate strictly within the guidelines laid down by the ‘Strasbourg Convention 1972’.

Our long experience in this field has resulted in our expertise being recognized by many official groups around the world, insurance, law, consular, air and sea transportation to name but a few, thereby minimizing bureaucratic delays in the process of repatriation.

All relevant paperwork is presented in the language of the receiving country and in accordance with the bilateral and international agreements in force at that time.

We are proud to have assisted many hundreds of people over the years and helped to relieve them of unwanted emotional stress at this particularly difficult time. Contactaments to our professional discretion are available to view from clients as far apart as Canada , Australia and from Alaska to Africa.

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Address: 9-11 st. Keshan, Stochna Gara, Sofia, Bulgaria

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